This beautiful business started with a lot of love and passion to help people with the inevitable but mandatory task of feeding ourselves in a nutritional way.

The legacy of Fit-Fork is a lifestyle not a specific diet…….…..The menus are structured to provide your body with the micronutrients it needs to be healthy, strong and relaxed.
Healthy: We combined the best ingredients with high – quality proteins, the right carbs and the good fats to bring the perfect beautiful meals to your table.
Strong: with Fit-fork meals your body is getting every day the best and clean fuel to keep you full of energy and active to achieve your daily activities.
Relaxed: Just a peace of mind, you don’t have to worry about groceries, thinking what to cook, weight portions, cook, or clean. We do all that for you.

What are you going to do with all that spare time?

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One day, at a girls night out we discussed how difficult it is these days to eat and look healthy. I wanted to look and feel healthy but I lacked the motivation to consistently cook healthy meals every day. I was very clear that the only way to change my body for the better was to change my eating behavior and meal choices. I proposed to them to prepare pre-cooked meals for 6 weeks so they could see the results of eating healthy. After the challenge, my friends were very pleased with the results and how well they felt, and some even wanted me to keep cooking. Soon I started getting questions and interest on meal plans from different people.

For life reasons I got in contact with an old friend from Europe that heard my intentions of cooking healthy pre-meals and he asked me why we don’t combine our efforts and we go for a bigger challenge this time and help all those people that want to change to a healthy lifestyle providing healthy food options that suit their daily diets.

Our commitment is provide the help that people need to make their lives easier providing the best healthy food solutions that become a new lifestyle. Our motivation is the feedback and stories we receive from our amazing and grateful customers that want a better quality of life.