Coping with anxiety about the Coronavirus

07 Apr 2020 no comments kathleen coronado

Feelings of anxiety are completely normal during a pandemic We share tips to help you manage negative thoughts and protect your mental wellbeing. COVID-19 is at the forefront of all our minds, causing many of us to feel worried or panicked. It’s a new situation and one that’s changing every day. Anxiety is often rooted […]

Healthy nutrition

14 Feb 2019 no comments kathleen coronado

HOW TO EAT HEALTHY: THE ROUTE TO FEEL GOOD AND HEALTHY EVERY DAY Do you want to understand step-by-step what the path to eat healthy is? What I mean? Why do I speak of “path”? Very simple: in recent years I have dealt with healthy eating for work and in my private life. I therefore […]

What does healthy eating mean?

29 Jan 2019 5 comments kathleen coronado

What does healthy eating mean? In the era of the web, with the amount of advice, diets and recipes in circulation, and not to mention the influence of various schools of thought that often oppose or shape traditional scientific-academic research in their favor, the concept of “healthy eating” has become increasingly confused. The question actually […]