1. Delivery conditions:
Fit-Fork makes its best efforts to deliver your meals on time. Delivery hours are between the hours of 4PM and 8PM. Therefore, the location of delivery must allow 24-hour access. Fit-Fork hand delivers meals in sealed, insulated cooler bags 2 times a week. Please refer to the Site for the next available delivery date in your area. The deliveries initially will only occur on Sunday & Wednesday. If you fail to provide a gate code or improper gate code and our driver cannot deliver the food, the food will be returned back to the store and discharge.
2. Delivery Kit and Ice pack Policy:
Thermal bags and ice packs are the property of Fit-Fork. The bags are to be left out for the delivery driver the night before the deliveries are scheduled for drop-off. Fit-Fork does not take responsibility for any item(s) left in thermal bags when picked up. If cooler bags and ice packs are not left out, customers will be charged another $25.00 cooler bag fee and this could interrupt the customer’s delivery schedule.
3. Delivery Fee:
Fit-Fork offers free delivery in a certain area, outside the free delivery range, you will be charge according to ZIP code and distance from Company premise. Please check delivery conditions prior to place your order.
Fit-Fork shall make reasonable effort to perform their obligation for delivery, but shall not be liable for any delay or other failure to perform any part of the Contract as a result of a factor outside our control, such as extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, storm, flood etc.